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LBB -Seattle's Best Burger

Sure, we may be a fast-casual restaurant; but we want to give our neighborhood a first-rate dining experience in the same way that fine ingredients give food first-rate taste!

Our Promise to You: It’s gonna be at first bite!

Quality Ingredients

Made with the freshest, natural ingredients!

Choicest Meats

Whether Burgers or Sandwiches, It’s Savory Perfection in every bite!

Garden-Fresh Produce

The freshest, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles! You’ll think you picked them yourself!

Ticker-Happy Dairy

Our cheese is full of heart-healthy fats, vitamins and protein.

Perfect Construction!

Signature Sauces

Amp it up! Make it your own with our mouth-watering delights!

Homestyle Potato Bread

Velvety soft; for the perfect,  toasted bun. Ideal for burgers and all kinds of sandwiches!

Hand-Made Perfection

Lovingly brought together to maximize your dining pleasure.

Order Ahead + Curbside Delivery

Choose what you want, and select a pick up time

We know you’re busy. Just give us a holler before arriving and we’ll have your order ready!  Well even meet you curbside! 

Reward Yourself!

Earn points every time you order online

Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!… 


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